Accessory Building


Many customers may come to us with thoughts about expanding their usable indoor space that doesn’t need to be conditioned for habitation and that may not necessarily be a barn for agricultural use. Sometimes, they have ideas involving landscaping and architectural elements to beautify an outdoor living area.

Or, they may just want to build a chicken shed or metal building for storage or a workshop. With all of these ideas and visions, the client will need guidance and assistance through the building and permitting processes, and also with the management of the building project.

They may need some guidance on the size of the building needed and this also informs many permit action items. After meeting to discuss the needs and criteria of the customer, we can determine the best way to proceed.

Benefits of this service and type of structure include the fact that it will not become an issue during resale is permitted. If unpermitted, it may be that the client will need to upgrade or alter the structure to meet local building codes or face a loss of value on the property. Many ASs are not correctly permitted and we have worked with many clients for whom this has been a headache when it comes to the transfer of title and property values.

Our job here is to help the customer determine their specific needs and define the scope of work based on the type of structure and its intended use. We also help the client determine the desired and required materials used in the construction of the structure, whether it needs to be a conditioned space or not, identify any permits needed, and whether some easements and setbacks restrict the placement of the building.

This service also involves the development of building design and determining electrical, plumbing, and structural requirements. It also includes the development of an architectural plan set for permit submittal.

Deliverables in this case depend entirely on the specified structure. Please refer to previous structure types and respective deliverables.