Accessory Dwelling Units


Having an additional resident on a property often gives great flexibility to the client and their property. They could generate extra income from a rental property, add value to the property, act as a guest residence, or house additional family without crowding the primary home.

There is a myriad of possible benefits that could come with designing and constructing a unit like this, as stated above. However, the main overarching benefit we find with clients is that exploring this design and construction process and its possibilities opens the client’s mind to the possibilities that come with the additional structure.

Understanding the feasibility of the project, and identifying the constraints on size, cost, and distance from property boundaries that an ADU can be built on. We take care of design, plans, and project administration throughout the process until permits are issued and the project is complete.

The deliverables here can include the design, permitting of, project management of, and construction of an ADU, or ‘granny flat’, according to the client’s needs and any compliance regulations.