Barns are unique in their application and intended purpose. In some cases, a barn is used as a large storage unit or a garage for vehicles. This being the case, a client will approach us with a specific use or purpose in mind.

The client might alternatively intend to convert the barn for alternate uses. Once these needs are established, we can determine SOW. We may also conduct a site visit to assess the condition or suitability of the structure.

Barn structures have many various uses. We work with clients on these projects to determine these needs as the project progresses. As detailed above, a barn will typically store agricultural equipment, feed, or livestock. It can be converted into a habitable structure as an ADU or primary residence. This would meet all client needs in one structure.

We will determine the suitability of the site for the structure if the project involves building a new barn structure. We will also gain an understanding of the allowable setbacks and easements which may impact the building project. It is also necessary to establish minimum fire ratings needed and related structural needs. This service also includes an architectural plan set of documents for permit submittal.

The deliverable is a barn on the property, structurally sound, custom-fitted for the needs of the property owner, or converted to be suitable for the intended structure.