Custom Homes

custom home design

The nature of a custom home build is the ability to be unique to different tastes, needs, and lifestyles since all of these are subjective and unique to every client. Such a project could involve designing and building a small house for a vacation rental or full-time, occupation. Alternatively, it could need to house multiple generations or function as a person’s ‘forever home’.

In this process, it’s our job to help you specify your budget inclusions, find contractors, and guide you through sustainability, cost assessments, and the use of alternative building materials, and get it permitted.

The goal for a custom build is to have a home – not just a building, but a home that fits uniquely the client. This is more than simply a place to move into. We view it as an extension of the client’s personality and lifestyle.

Our role here is to help the client understand design development for a unique home. This may include information and discourse on limitations and options, as well as formulating concepts. We’ll also ensure that we fully understand the site conditions and that both we and the client are up to date on all local building code issues and property information that may influence the outcome.

The final deliverable will be a unique home that can be built, permitted, and meets the budget and needs of the client.