Room Additions

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To fully meet the needs of each client, it’s necessary to define those needs in the first place. To do that, we conduct an extensive needs assessment, working together in the design phase to identify what the space needs to hold, who will be using it, the ages of people to use it, and any other physical requirements.

Sometimes a customer envisions a dwelling in which they can age in place, so this might necessitate a single-story ADA for bathrooms.

The design often becomes more than simply drawings and plans. It is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the space and the needs of the people living in it which often change over time. The design also needs to meld with the current architecture, so it doesn’t appear as an afterthought.

The largest benefit for most clients is a larger space that works for the residents, whether it be an extra bathroom, living space, bedroom, or something else. Commonly, such an expansion increases overall home value and resale value. Alternatively, if the aesthetics of a house seem ‘off’, an extension can help balance the ‘flow’ of the place to suit the residents’ tastes.

Our journey starts with a meeting on-site with the client. We’ll chat and ask a series of questions to develop the scope of work, discover aesthetic values, see the property, and determine architectural and interior style. Then, our team will develop a proposal and quote for completing the project.