Deck Design

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A deck design can meet the needs of a client in a variety of ways. It can enhance the outdoor living space, increase the property value, add to the safety of a property, or increase the charm and useability of the home and outdoor space.

Depending on the needs and motivations of the client, there may be multiple benefits of designing and constructing a deck. A current trend is to turn outdoor areas into extensions of indoor living areas, creating flow through the property. A benefit of this for the client is increased room to live in or use. They may need this for an expanding family, lifestyle preferences, or simply for aesthetic tastes. Designing and creating the deck to support these motivations is the first step in the process.

The goal of the customer is to build the deck of their dreams, to fulfill their motivations as stated above. Secondary goals of the customer could include gaining an understanding of the elements and factors involved in designing and building a deck, and how that might influence other design and decor decisions relating to the property.

We design a deck to match the goals and specifications of the client and any relevant compliance requirements. We’ll integrate it into the larger property design and any other services afforded to the client.

A full plan is to be generated for submission to the relevant planning and permitting authorities, along with the other necessary structural and planning documents.