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Custom Home

Custom homes are unique in that they are usually built on raw undeveloped land or land with utilities already installed. These are the most involved projects we do. Developing a custom home is starting from scratch, and the client’s budget should reflect this. Usually, it’s best to follow current architectural styles but each building is unique as these projects are developed and tailored to the lifestyle of the client. A custom home needs to perform many roles and meet sometimes challenging requirements.

Deck Design

A deck is a raised platform above grade with structural beams and typically wood planking that extends the external usable area of a house or building. For our purposes, this represents all structural beams, materials, connections, and the foundation that the decks are built with.

room addition

Room Additions

A room addition can be an extension of the building as a whole. This usually takes the form of an additional bed/bath suite or an additional bedroom. Often on the ground floor, but sometimes extending to two floors, such an extension does not have to be limited to bedrooms. Studies, living areas, and other room types are also options.

garage design


Garages can be for more than simply storage of cars and vehicles. They can be multi-functional buildings. With the continuing trend of single-family homes in the US, they have become multi-functional spaces for storage, laundry, and entertainment, and sometimes even come as ADUs. A garage must be designed to meet the various demands placed on them.



This is typically an accessory building with a specific purpose relating to agriculture and storage. Sometimes barns house animals or are used by caretakers. Typically, however, they provide storage for agricultural products, livestock, and feed. They can be made of metal, stick framing, or wood and can be built as ADUs within the confines of the structure.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Formerly called a ‘granny flat’, this kind of stand-alone unit is an additional, small, fully-contained unit that has sleeping, plumbing, and cooking facilities. This is not typically considered a primary structure on a property or lot.

Accessory Building

This catch-all term refers to any structures other than the primary residence or accessory dwelling unit. These are typically storage units, metal buildings, well houses, barns, woodsheds, yurts, woodshops, art studios, gazebos, and trellises. Such structures can be conditioned or unconditioned and both with or without plumbing and electrical systems installed. 


Kitchen Design

The process of designing a kitchen interior involves determining the functional requirements for the space and planning how to construct or remodel it so that it is both functional and attractive. Eric Breuer Designs will work with you to create a kitchen that meets your needs and looks great.


Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design should be functional and beautiful. It is important to understand the specific needs of each user before designing a bathroom interior that functions as intended.

Eric Breuer Designs will work with you to turn your ideas and requirements into a plan. We have worked with bathrooms of all sizes, including closets and storage, and bathrooms that offer a complete luxury spa experience and dressing area.